My name is Johan Loo and I am the chief editor (sole contributor) of the blog Consensus Based. This blog is all about blockchain (not the same as cryptocurrency!) I will cover the technology behind blockchain, I will cover news and I will describe backgrounds. This blog is for professionals, interested readers and people who want to learn more about blockchain.

Through this blog I want to create more awareness about blockchain technology. Blockchain is becoming more and more known. Also, more and more companies are using blockchain. The use cases with blockchain are also increasing. Not only companies, but also governments are experimenting more and more with blockchain.

I am a tax lawyer (LLM), graduated from Leiden University (2019) and currently working as an international tax lawyer at Taxand Nederland B.V. I advise multinationals, private equity houses and high net worth individuals on cross-border transactions. I specialize in international and European tax law (including the application of double tax treaties). During my studies, I studied at the University of Texas at Austin (2017) School of Law as an exchange student. Hook 'em!🤘

Since I also have a background in tax, I want to bring tax and blockchain closer together. As a (tax) lawyer, it is important to have knowledge about blockchain, as blockchain has the potential to disrupt the industry. But blockchain is not only important for lawyers (on the contrary!) but also for other sectors (like logistics and banking). I will also reflect on the various use cases of blockchain and its complications for Dutch tax law.

In addition, I am a research associate at the Special Interest Group Blockchain for Societies at Utrecht University. The Special Interest Group Blockchain for societies focuses on how blockchain can work for modern societies.

The website is named after the consensus protocol of blockchain. The consensus protocol is the heart of blockchain. The consensus protocol can be seen as the fuel a car needs to move forward.

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